There are multiple ways to access the Digital Library:
  1. On-Campus Access: Visit the Digital Library at your college and show your NFC-enabled smartphone to the tabletop stand. You will receive the password for access.
  2. Book Scan: Alternatively, you can scan the 433rd page of “Habits of Highly Successful Student Startuper’s” using your smartphone to receive the password.
Access to the Digital Library is essential for all educational institutions, catering to students, educators, and researchers. Opening the Digital Library is a straightforward process. Typically, individuals associated with educational institutions, such as students, faculty, and staff, gain access by using designated credentials provided by their institution. These credentials might include a unique username and password or, in some innovative cases, access via NFC technology for ease of use. To explore a free demo and obtain more comprehensive details about accessing the Digital Library, please submit the Inquiry Form

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The library offers a vast collection of systematically organized content, regularly updated to align with evolving market needs. It encompasses a wide range of materials dedicated to enhancing creativity and innovation, including courses, short videos, motivational resources, worksheets, podcasts, recorded sessions, reference materials, live classes, innovation support resources, graphic materials, software, training materials, webinars, event listings, and more.

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The Cross-Campus Network provided by the Digital Library is a platform that facilitates the sharing of activities such as seminars, webinars, workshops, and more among various campuses.
Student Benefits:

  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Students can participate in a wider range of educational events, gaining exposure to diverse knowledge and experiences.

  • Collaboration: It fosters collaboration between campuses, encouraging the exchange of ideas and resources.

  • Networking: Students can expand their professional network by connecting with peers from other institutions.

  • Access to Varied Resources: It provides access to a broader set of educational resources and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

In summary, the Cross-Campus Network enriches the educational experience and opens doors to a world of possibilities for students.

We regularly update the library with fresh content to keep you informed and inspired.

Digital-Library is a one-stop destination for all things related to innovation, accessible on your Android phone through our Apps, offering the convenience of carrying it with you wherever you go.